Small Business Accounting

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Not getting timely advice? Can’t reach your accountant? Receiving a lack of service?

Make the change to Hoffman & Pass Accountants and find out why our average client engagement term is measured in decades.

Starting a business?

Getting the correct structure is important to maximise tax savings both now and in the future.

Getting the correct accountant could be the difference your new venture requires.

From small business to small business, we get it! We have been managing small business accounts for over 35 years and understand the nitty gritty of company accounts and business tax concessions can be tedious and often confusing. That’s why we’re here to take the load off and work with you to ensure your books are all in order and your time is freed up for more important tasks.

Did you know small businesses are offered various tax concessions and rebates? Specialising in small business accounts allows us to always be aware of the ever-changing tax landscape of small businesses to ensure you always receive all available tax benefits. Working with our small business tax experts, we can also help you with budgeting and cash flow forecasting.

Small Business Accounting Services

BAS and Bookkeeping

Having your bookkeeping done with Hoffman & Pass Accountants means your accounts will be up to date and accurate for management reporting, allowing for better decision making.

Plus, leaving your accounts with the experts gives you more time – time to spend on your business or time to spend doing what you would rather be doing.

We manage the monthly or quarterly ATO reporting for most of our clients and this allows us to ensure we have current records available when you want to chat about your business. Being a smaller team, everyone at Hoffman and Pass is across your accounts and can provide you with expert information and advice.

If you have a bookkeeper, great, we will work hand in hand with your bookkeeper too!  

Need a bookkeeper for payroll or accounts payable preparation? We can refer you to a bookkeeper also

Business Tax Planning

Bookkeeping allows for accurate end-of-financial-year tax planning. When you choose to work with Hoffman and Pass Accountants, financial statements and tax returns are a by product of the services provided over the whole year.

We like to be inside your accounts throughout the year as it allows us to provide effective year-end tax planning strategies.

Our accountants look at two types of tax planning: short-term and long-term tax planning. Short-term planning looks at what you can do before June 30 to minimise your tax this financial year. Long-term tax planning looks at how you can utilise your business structure to minimise tax, and the type of investments you can make to minimise tax over the long term.

Financial Statements and Tax returns

We prepare accurate and timely Tax Returns and Financial Statements for your compliance requirements. 

We can also assist with mid year accounts for finance applications or tendering documents.

Looking to sell your business tax-free?

If you’re thinking about selling your business, it’s important to start planning now how you might exit your business in the future. Properly planning how to access capital gains tax concessions for small businesses can see you save hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax when it comes time to sell. So, there’s no better time to start planning than today.

Hoffman and Pass are experts in Small Business Accounting and can guide you through the process of selling your business tax-free, leaving you with better financials, alleviating stress and helping you with all the essential business exiting documents.